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Frederick Larson's Stunning Astronomy of the Star of Bethlehem

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"About 99.9% of the Star of Bethlehem stuff is nutty, but this isn't that. It's well-researched and reasonable."—Ronald A. Schorn, Ph.D.—Schorn founded and served as Chief of the Planetary Astronomy department at NASA and was Technical Editor of Sky & Telescope magazine. He is the author of Planetary Astronomy.
"The integration of astronomical data and ancient inscriptional evidence models the scientific method at its best."—Eugene H. Merrill, Ph.D.—Distinguished Professor of Old Testament StudiesDallas Theological SeminaryMerrill regularly contributes to leading journals, periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries. He is the author of numerous books and a scholar of Biblical chronology.
"Your wide-ranging and insightful scholarship in the Scriptures and in the parallel historical record from Josephus, Tacitus and the rest! Your command of Kepler's clock!!... My hat is off to you."—Gerard Piel, Ph.D.—Former Publisher and Editor, Scientific American magazinePiel (1915-2004) was the holder of over twenty honorary doctorates. He published and edited Scientific American for nearly four decades, and served as President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. A prolific writer, his last book is The Age of Science: What Scientists Learned in the Twentieth Century.

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  1. Larson is a liar and a dingbat. Anyone that would teach that Jesus was born in 2 BC has to be one of the great dingbats of the millennium considering the fact that it has been established beyond any doubt whatsoever that Herod the Great died in 4 BC! To say otherwise is to call Josephus a liar, and all the other scholars that have verified this point down through the years, liars too. Josephus noted that a Lunar eclipse occurred shortly before Herod left Jerusalem for Jericho and he died shortly there after, never returning to Jerusalem again. Astronomers have dated this eclipse as occurring on March 13, 4 BC. So much for Larson's lies and extensive research!

    1. have not considered political and social ambitions of people at the time as many today are liars and forger's as may be the case with Josephus. You have not presented any evidence to refute Larson's claims. Most people would have known Jesus was born or the Messiah after the fact especially the people in power and through gossip. Larson present's a good case for his claims and no one has done anything to refute or prove them wrong in part or whole. He used reliable astronomy and other facts. What can you present in your case?

  2. Richard, you seem to have unbounded confidence in the conventional chronology. Are you aware of the enormous amount of work that is going on in revising the dates of ancient (particularly Egyptian)history?
    See e.g. California Institute for Ancient Studies site.
    Have you, or anyone else, thoroughly scrutinised the AD dates? How can you be sure when that particular eclipse ought to be dated in relation to now?


  3. Dr. Ernest Martin makes a solid case, that Herod died in 1 BC. Josephus was simply misquoted, in further copies.

  4. The best that we have found on this is: “Luke's Census: Dating the Birth of Jesus” (Archaeological Diggings, December/January edition).
    See our discussion of this:
    "Magi’s Star of Reference to Life of Jesus Christ",

  5. The killing of all the babies is not recorded anywhere, except for the books of myths. Lots of god stories have been where the gods are saved miraculously when small infants, For example, Zeus is Jesus revised for the roman empire, and he had to be hidden also. The bible is just stories and myths. They used, of course, towns and names they recognized, but this doesn't make them true tales. To argue these stories is the same as arguing Santa and his Did you know that Mithra was almost chosen for the new god instead of Jesus?. Now maybe he was born around that